Introducing the Cykura Road to Glory Campaign!

Cyklonauts, it’s time for a big reveal! 🎁

We are excited to announce the launch of Cykura’s “Road To Glory” Campaign on the CREW3 platform! As we move closer toward the next phase in the evolution of Cykura, it is time to join hands with our best asset, the community, to broadcast our platform to the Solana DeFi space and beyond. To accomplish this, we are launching a gamified system where you can track your progress and be rewarded for your contributions for adding value to the Cykura community.

We will gradually reveal how your roles will shape Cykura’s perks, prizes, and bonuses. 🎁

We have introduced three new roles on our Crew3 Questboard that can be claimed in return for experience points (XP) that are won by completing quests.

Cyklonauts will have to work hard to reach the top and get the best rewards! ☝️

Roles to Glory!

Elite Cyklonaut 🥇 — Veteran members of the community with the most contributions.

Cyklonaut Y 🥉 — Members who participate in community activities frequently and are now making their way to the top.

Cyklonaut X 💯 — Members who have recently started contributing to the community.

Claim Roles By Earning Experience? 🤔

Note: OG Community members having a Hardcore Cyklonaut role can claim 5000 XP directly.

How to earn these experience points? 🤔

Don’t miss your chance to complete challenges, win contests, and contribute to the community in a ton of different ways! Have fun, work your way up the ranks, and get rewarded! 🎉 It’s time to use the best resource we have to spread the word about Cykura- you, the community.

Here’s a look at a few quests and how much they’re worth:

What are some of the advantages? 👀

New tasks will be regularly added to our quest board, allowing members to win experience points (XP) on a daily basis and rank up to the top.

Ranking the leaderboard would get you a chance to access private communities, get whitelisted for giveaways, and also compete for $CYS airdrops 😳

I have a few questions- to whom can I reach out?

Well, what are you waiting for? Start Now!

About Cykura:

Join our community: Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website



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