Cykura x Jupiter Aggregator

A walk through the perks of Jupiter and what it means for you as a user

What is Jupiter Aggregator?

Jupiter is the key DEX liquidity aggregator for Solana, offering the widest range of tokens and best route discovery between any token pair. As an aggregator, Jupiter acts a bridge between DEXs and AMM pools. This allows users to find the best swap rates for their tokens across all the DEXs in Solana, all in one place.

  1. Multi-hop Routes: Not only does Jupiter compare the prices between markets on different DEXs, but often the best-priced routes are not direct markets. Instead, Jupiter may find the best price by routing through an intermediary token, e.g. USDC-mSOL-SOL instead of USDC-SOL. This may be due to price inefficiencies and/or volatility in the various markets that Jupiter routes through.

What does this listing mean for Cykura?

Cykura is the pioneer concentrated liquidity provider on Solana. By solving the problem of capital efficiency, Cykura provides some of the best swap rates across Solana. Through this integration, some of the top traded pairs on Jupiter, like SOL-USDC, will often recommend Cykura as the preferred route. This offers users the best rates, while also providing Cykura with trading volume.

Cykura’s 24h volume rankings on Jupiter, a result of being one of the most preferred and recommended routes!

How will I as a user benefit from this?

If you are a native user of Cykura, then you probably already know that we have some of the most competitive pools and rates across Solana. However, by using Jupiter, new users will now be able to access these pools, thereby providing our DEX with a higher volume. This is truly a huge milestone in our journey!

About Cykura:

Cykura is the pioneer concentrated liquidity DEX on Solana, providing some of the most capital-efficient trading pools on the market. We are a remote team based in many corners of the world who have come together to innovate and create promising Web 3.0 products.



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