Cykura May Updates

May Updates 2022

4 min readMay 19, 2022


Hello Cyklonauts! 🚀

Well, the markets may be down, but our hopes? Not yet! As we push forward on our journey, here’s a look into what we’ve been working on, updates, and our plans for the upcoming month.

Cykura x Jupiter Aggregator:

Cykura is now officially integrated with Jupiter Aggregator, the key DEX aggregator on Solana. Since our integration, Cykura has seen astronomical volumes on the platform and demonstrated the true power of concentrated liquidity. With $3 million in TVL, Cykura exceeded $200 million in trading volume in less than one month. If you haven't already, you can check out the detailed announcement about our integration by clicking here.

Cykura Evangelist Campaign:

Cykura launched its very first ambassador program in the last week of April, which saw over 1000+ signups and a record number of submissions! Evangelists had various tasks that they could take part in, and a reward system was created to incentivize quality submissions. A huge thank you from our end to all members of the community who took part in the first phase of this program and helped make it as amazing as it was. The team loved all the creative, informative, and, of course, well-humored submissions that we reviewed!

After tabulating the scores of all the submissions, we announced the winners of the program on all of our social handles. Here’s a glimpse of all the winners of the campaign:

You can check out the full details of the campaign here!

Cykura Developer Program:

We recently announced our first developer program to encourage developers to build projects and applications on top of Cykura, using our key features such as Concentrated Liquidity and ultra-competitive fees. There are a couple of ideas that already exist on the floor, so if you’re interested in them, or have any other project that you can build on top of Cykura, make sure you take a look at this document — Click here!

We offer grants worth up to $30,000 for projects!

Token listing:

Our friends at Solvent Protocol recently got listed on our platform, and we now provide the best route for users to swap $SVT tokens and take trades on Cykura! Make sure you check out our app or head onto Jupiter Aggregator to have a look.

Cykura Team at the Solana Hacker Houses -Bengaluru:

Shardul Aeer — CTO of Cykura, at the Solana Hacker Houses in Bengaluru, India

The Cykura team was present at the recent Solana Hacker House to connect and interact with the Solana community! We were amazed to see all the projects that were being built in the ecosystem as well as get a glimpse into the future of Solana and its applications.

Shardul Aeer, CTO of Cykura, was invited to speak on a Q&A panel on the topic “How to build on Solana.” Participants got a front-row seat to some solid alpha for developers and founders, including key insights into starting a DeFi project from scratch!

The team had a great in-person huddle to decide on key plans for the future of Cykura and making better experiences for its users.

What’s ahead for us?

In the upcoming days, our focus will be on 3 things:

  1. veCYS Program: In light of bringing new tokenomics in place, Cykura will be announcing a new veCYS program.
  2. Upgraded UI for Cykura App: To have the best experiences for our users, we will be upgrading our User interface to make it more seamless and fix almost all of the bugs that are hindering experiences for our users. Here’s a sneak peek into how it’s going to be:

3. Twitter Space with the Cykura community: The Cykura community is highly engaged in the ecosystem. We truly are thankful to our community and users at every step of our journey. And to better engage with our users, we will soon be announcing a Twitter Space AMA with the project founders for you to ask any questions that you have! Make sure you stay up to date with developments by following us on Twitter.

That’s it for now! Ciao.

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Team Cykura

About Cykura:

Cykura is the pioneer concentrated liquidity DEX on Solana, providing some of the most capital-efficient trading pools on the market. We are a remote team based in many corners of the world who have come together to innovate and create promising Web 3.0 products.

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