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Everything you need to know on how to become the next face of Cykura!

3 min readApr 22, 2022

Are you a native user of Cykura? Do you think you have enough understanding of what and how Cykura and its applications function?

Do you want to become the next face of Cykura and its community?

Well, you’re reading the right piece today, as we officially announce the beginning of our new Cykura Evangelist Campaign!

Read along to find out how you can become the flag bearer for our project as we ride together to the moon in the coming days! 🌕

What is the Cykura Evangelist Campaign?

The Cykura Evangelist campaign is a campaign that will focus on making sure that the right education about Cykura and its offerings are delivered to all members and users of our community — new or old. There will be bounties and tasks that will be put out for which contributors will be awarded and recognized on all our handles.

All contributors for this campaign will be evaluated and a scoreboard will be put up, for which there will be dedicated #CYS airdrops. You can check out how we will be evaluating the bounties as shown below.

The scoreboards will be updated at regular intervals, and top leaders will be getting an airdrop and will be featured in our channels and blog updates.

Here’s how the prize pool looks:

How will I benefit from this campaign?

This campaign aims to better engage with our community and users of Cykura. Other than winning airdrops and being featured across our handles, based on contributions and personal interest, we may assign you a role within our community pages to run certain campaigns and programs to work with the team.

How do I become a Cykura Evangelist?

Here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Sign up using this form (Click here), and you will get an invitation to a discord server, where we will be putting out further details of every task shown previously.
  2. Like and re-tweet this post and make sure you tag three friends in the comments, encouraging them to participate in this campaign.
  3. Submissions can be uploaded on this form, and based on tasks submitted, we will be adding points and updating rankings on our Dashboard (Releasing soon!)

Cykura Evangelist- Tasks:

  1. Blog Writing (100 points): Are you good with piecing things together in words? Then this task is just for you! The topic for the blog will be sent once you join the group, along with the rules of submission.
  2. Youtube Video (100 points): Hello Youtubers! Want your voices to reach out to the masses? Do you think you can make people understand the value of Cykura and its products? Make sure you participate in this task!
  3. Meme Challenge (30 Points): You know what this is. Create memes and stuff.
  4. Infographics (30 Points): Do you have a knack for conveying things through infographics and posters? Make sure you lookout for this one.
  5. Twitter Challenge (20 Points): Do you have a growing organic twitter handle with more than 100 followers? Join our Twitter challenge and help spread Cykura’s content!
  6. Telegram Challenge (10 Points): Participate in the Telegram challenge and ensure that you’re always on top of the leaderboard.

I have a few questions, to whom can I reach out?

Feel free to reach out to Telegram or Discord if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can also write to

Well, what are you waiting for? Register now!

About Cykura:

Cykura is the first concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana, providing some of the best rates across all DeFi platforms. We are a remote team based out in many corners of the world who have come together to innovate and create new-age products for people seeking the best trading experiences.

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The first concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana