Cykura April Updates

Hello Cyklonauts!

From Cyclos to Cykura, our journey has been nothing short of incredible. We thank all of our users and community for coming together to make the project what it is today. Let’s dive right in and check out what’s brewing and a sneak peek into our plans for April.

Let’s go!

Cykura: Building the Future of DeFi

Cykura made a big transition recently with our change of name. This signals a new step into our evolution as a product- the V2 concentrated liquidity market maker or concentrated liquidity DEX. Differentiating our product from both its previous iteration and other companies/projects with a similar name became an imperative for us. The team settled on a change of name as the best route to represent this next stage in the evolution of the product. So there we have it.

Tokens added to Cykura:

Cykura is always keen on improving its ecosystem and providing more opportunities for our users to be profitable and have investment opportunities. Over the past month, we’ve added six new trading pairs to the platform since the beginning of March. Make sure you check them out now!

If you have new token pairs you would like to see added to the platform, message us on Telegram or Discord!

User Interface updates:

Along with the change to our name, we have also made changes to our interface since going live, including the addition of our analytics page. We are constantly iterating to make sure we provide our users with the best experience. The latest version of our platform can be accessed on Our next addition to the UI/UX will be liquidity visual charts, so users can now see exactly where LP liquidity sits within each pool and position their liquidity accordingly.

New Milestone: We crossed $2.5 million in TVL!

We’re so excited to announce that our platform has crossed $2.5 Million in Total Value Locked into the platform, and are on our way to hitting $3 million very soon. You can now check out our Analytics page which will give you an overview of the TVL and daily trading volume.

What you can look out for in the coming month:

We are excited to continue to roll out new features for our users and the Solana Ecosystem. As we lean into April, targeting integrations with DEX aggregators is a core goal. We will also continue to pursue new token listings and grow the Cykura project ecosystem.

In addition, we’ve expanded our marketing team and with the addition of our new Marketing Manager, Sumanth! As we head into this quarter you can expect a lot more activities on the community engagement front as we build out our team.

That’s it for now! The best way you can stay up to date with our growth is to follow us here on Medium and connect with us on Twitter!

About Cykura:

Cykura is the first concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana, providing some of the best rates across all DeFi platforms. We are a remote team based out in many corners of the world who have come together to innovate and create new-age products for people seeking the best trading experiences.

Join our community: Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website




The first concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana

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The first concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana

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