Cyclos Progress Update #2

Opening Thoughts

The successful launch of a DeFi product involves many competing variables. A balance must be struck between the urgency of meeting supporters’ anticipation with the necessity that best practices are strictly followed at all times, to ensure the protocol is safe, secure, and functions as intended. This is an issue all project teams must face to some degree, but is particularly relevant to the case of Cyclos. Our product is unique in the DeFi space and built from scratch in Rust by our extremely talented dev team. Therefore, it has required a tremendous amount of time and resources to test, verify, and retest, to make certain we deliver the best product possible. While we slightly overshot our original timeline for the mainnet product release by several weeks, we make no apologies for this. The implications of a several week delay should be considered against the backdrop of an industry where delays of many months and years are commonplace.

Aligning the community’s expectations with the realities of product development is a an ongoing process that doesn’t simply cease with mainnet product launch. In the ongoing effort to keep our community aware of the development process at Cyclos, we (the team) wish to offer some deeper insight into where we currently stand and what to expect for the month of October.

Let’s start off with the main question that is justifiably on everyone’s minds:

“Wen mainnet?”

The short answer- Cyclos mainnet launch will happen in October. The market maker product, which we zealously touted to the Solana DeFi community since entering into the Solana Hackathon earlier this year, will finally be here in its full form. There is no one more excited about that than we are. Along the way, there have been doubters and detractors galore. While we have always remained steadfast in the face of such negativity, we also look forward to proving them all wrong :) And more importantly, rewarding the supporters of Cyclos, who vastly outnumber the naysayers, with a tremendous product.

To the supporters who have stuck with us so far, we thank you for your backing through the ups and downs of the development process. And we cannot wait for you to see the platform for yourself.

It is for this reason, that we are opening up an email signup list to anyone from the Cyclos community who wishes to test the platform for themselves before its full public release and provide us with feedback on their experience. The window for signups will be open from October 12th to October 19th. In the week following the close of the list on October 19th, we will provide further info on how to access the platform. No one’s voice is more important than those of the Cyclos community members who plan to use the market maker platform, and it’s your thoughts we’d like to hear first before the big debut to the world.

We, as a team, see our massive community as a tremendous asset. Our community members span the globe, across dozens of countries and cultures. We know the fundamental role language plays in communicating new technologies and ideas beyond the English-centered tech sphere, and it’s for this reason we will be launching an ambassador campaign to source high-quality, multi-media content about Cyclos in languages other than English. At present, our plan is to launch this campaign shortly after the mainnet product release in October. With the product released and in place, we will open the flood gates and call on the community to spread the word about Cyclos far and wide. More concrete details will follow on this program.

We know there will be many questions from our community on the points raised in this update. As always, please feel free to share them in our Telegram or Discord. Additionally, we will be holding an AMA with Solana Insiders on Thursday, October 14th, at 12PM UTC. The details on how to participate in the AMA can be found here. We welcome your questions and look forward to answering them.

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